Keep Brunhi in Showchoir

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I've been a showchoir member for 1 year and I was expecting to do it again this year but I moved. Showchoir has been a passion of mine so since last year and I never wanted to leave or be away from it which is why I talked to the head of school before summer came and she said "I don't see a problem" so this whole summer I've known that I'm doing showchoir but after emailing her for a follow up, she said she can't allow it because half of the things are learned in the class and if I dont take the class i won't be "successful" which I understand but I did not take the showchoir class last year and I was successful in the group and also 95% of the girls on our girls group didn't take the class and they got Grand Champs at their first comp. after hearing that news, I was completely shattered and tears fell right down my face, I only moved 20 minutes away so it is completely possible for me to do showchoir after school since I have transportation and everything and if I do fall a little behind, I have kids that are willing to help so please even if you think this might not work, please sign it and maybe we can make a change cause showchoir is the only place where I felt like I belong and me not doing it anymore would make me feel like a part of me is Missing.

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