Keep Brave Waves Swimming Alive

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Brave Waves needs your help.

Brave Waves will be shut down at the end of this season. Why? Enforcement of local bylaws.  We need your help to find a solution.  You signing this petition helps us communicate the importance of Brave Waves to community leaders, giving us a stronger voice to work for that solution.  The more signatures, the stronger our voice. 

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Brave Waves One-to-One Swim Lessons provides individualized swim instruction to kids in need including those with autism, ADHD, physical or emotional challenges, as well as those students who simply benefit from personal instruction. Founded and managed by student entrepreneurs and now employing approximately 15 student instructors annually, the service fits a niche that is not otherwise possible or offered, helping ~600 students and ~400 families every summer. 

Every kid should learn to swim. Please help by signing this petition today. You sign, kids win - simple as that.