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Petitioning Keep 'Blue Laws' of Bergen County, NJ

Keep 'Blue Laws' of Bergen County, NJ: Quality of life is for residents, workers, and business owners are extremely important!

For over 60 years, the people of Bergen County have voted numerous times to keep the important traditional blue laws that keeps many unnecessary retail stores closed on Sundays due to many excellent and important reasons(Pharmacies, gas stations, entertainment, grocery stores, restaurants, and certain other stores are still open).

This is extremely important because Sunday is the only day with no traffic, and the only day where you could drive around without being stuck on congested road like rest of the week (a quiet and peaceful day all people look forward to). It also give us all retail workers a guaranteed break, and day off on Sundays to spend with family and friends (Otherwise many of us will be forced to work, or risk of being fired, or hours cut). Property taxes stay lower, and no need to pay for extra police/security, less crime, etc.

Small business owners' needs a break once a week without the competition of large companies. Bergen County towns still make more money in annual retail than any other places being open for 7 days.

Quality of life is very important for everybody. If anyone who is really in need to shop on Sunday could drive only few miles to other nearby counties who are open for limited hours.

Please sign the petition to protect Bergen County residents, business owner & workers. In this stressful society, everybody needs a day of rest and break. Don't be selfish, we are humans too!

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  • Keep 'Blue Laws' of Bergen County, NJ

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