Keep Antonia Sullivan as knitwear technician

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Antonia Sullivan is to be replaced at the end of this academic year for someone with more technical skills and experience.

It is understood that this is for the benefit of the students however we advise you that this is NOT the case. Losing Antonia WOULD NOT be beneficial for our learning or experience on this course. 

Antonia is a hugely respected and vital member of the knitwear department at WSA.  She is an experienced domestic knitter, possessing a range of skills and knowledge, and benefits our learning greatly. For example she has run a number of workshops with current first year students, where skills and techniques have been taught that have previously had to be self taught by students in the past. The level of teaching and learning of the current first years is considerably more advanced that in previous years, we believe that Antonia’s workshops have contributed to this.

In addition to this she does an incredible job in maintaining all of the equipment- the domestic machines are in brilliant condition because of her. Jo Bee has even commented how the machines are in great condition, superior than at other universities such as NTU.

 She also provides indispensable emotional and mental support for students, helping us through difficult times at university as well as personally. I guarantee that if you were speak to the majority of second and third year students they could inform you of minimum of one occasion where Antonia has provided significant emotional support to them personally. Unfortunately due to busy schedules and number of students it is not always possible to speak to a tutor immediately when needed, which is completely understandable.  As a result many of us rely on Antonia for support.  She goes out of her way to help students in every way possible, providing a much-needed support system for students who are struggling. 

Not only does she go above and beyond to help students but she is also passionate and enthusiastic to improve on her own skills; she is actively seen doing this, sacrificing her own personal time to teach herself the dubied machines so that she can help students in the future. She is also keen to be trained on the shima, which would be of huge benefit to students as well as help support Odina. 

We appreciate that FTD staff are trying to do what is best of the knitwear department and its students  however we urge you to reconsider. Antonia is far more than a technician. She is a vital member of the knitwear team, highly respected member of staff, incredible support and friend. Losing her would be a huge detriment to the knit department but also our learning and university experience. We hope you to consider our request to keep Antonia as a member of staff and invest the same time and energy into her as she does for us.


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