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Keep American Dog Club out of Westfield Trumbull!

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There is currently a plan in place to open an American Dog Club right next to Build-a-Bear in the Westfield Trumbull Mall. While a store full of puppies may sound “cute”, it is well known that the treatment of animals in these types of stores borders on inhumane and abusive. Between the small confined spaces that they live in, the hamster size water droppers they drink from, the low end food that they are fed and the disgustingly unsanitary conditions, it seems clear that the priority is NOT the health and well being of the animals.

American Dog Club also claims their dogs come from "USDA licensed breeders". There have been numerous articles written against such "licensing" and what it really means This is a completely substandard environment for these poor dogs and is NOT the kind of place we want opening in our mall! So while the idea of finding dogs a home may be very appealing, the reality is that these dogs are usually in poor health and malnourished and this is generally considered the WORST possible and LEAST humane way to accomplish this goal. Additionally, it is apparently the business model of this particular franchise (they have tried it in other malls) to place their stores right next to Build-a-Bears so as to attract young children! 

PLEASE sign this petition and let Westfield know that they need to put common sense and caring before corporate profit and STOP this store and its abusive treatment of animals from setting up shop in our mall!  By signing, it will be a first step to ending this project and getting those dogs into a healthier and safer environment. 

*This statement was edited on 5/24/17 

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