Keep Ally and Chris at the Globe!

Keep Ally and Chris at the Globe!

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Started by Catherine Blower

Please sign up to give your support to keep Ally and Chris at The Globe, Buckfastleigh!

Ally and Chris took over The Globe three years ago, and have managed to completely turn around a solid town local that had fallen into disrepute over many years of failed management. 

They are now the victims of their own success at The Globe, as they are being sent to Ashburton to run The Silent Whistle within the next week, out of the blue, in spite of the fact they have long been after taking on The Globe's lease direct from the brewery, as they love the town, the residents, and The Globe, and they have had their hearts set on settling in Buckfastleigh to continue their good work, running our pub.

Locals of all ages have returned and are now regularly enjoying food, drinks and warm hosting, after many of us boycotted the pub for a good many years.

Prior to Ally and Chris taking The Globe on, the pub had gained a reputation for being a drug-den youth club; the running 'joke' was once 'how many people can you get into the disabled toilet at one time'. Ally and Chris have not tolerated any drug use or possession on the premises and as a result, it has become, once again, a central hub for the whole community, for all generations.

Ally's home-cooked food has gained a fantastic reputation, and the Tripadvisor reviews speak for themselves, both for diners and residents of the B&B, as well as all of us locals. This has undoubtedly been the reason for their redeployment in Ashburton, but WE DON'T WANT TO LOSE THEM FOR OUR LOVELY TOWN OF BUCKFASTLEIGH!

Please join us in giving your support to keeping them here at our local?


55 have signed. Let’s get to 100!