Keep All Fairlington Students at Abingdon Elementary; No Annexing! Fairlington United.

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This petition is written in regards to the recent school board meeting impacting the Fairlington neighborhood's school boundaries. While discussing potential boundary proposals, it was suggested that the southern portion of the historic district of Fairlington could be annexed away from Abingdon Elementary to Drew Elementary. This petition is written to express concerns about the effect this would have on the Fairlington and Abingdon community. This is an issue that will impact all Fairlington residents whether you have children in Arlington Public Schools (APS) or not. We need everyone's help to keep Fairlington united.

Here is how you can help:  

1 - Sign this petition and send/share with others to sign too

2 - Send letters/emails to any/all of the below decision makers who are accepting community input for a very limited time and CC our FCA board at as they have requested to stay informed to ensure the Fairlington voice is heard.

APS School Board,
Boundary Planning Committee,
School Board Members:,,,,
Superintendent, Patrick Murphy

3 - Attend Wednesday, October 17th Community Meeting at Kenmore - APS will present their revised boundary proposal and allow community members to provide feedback at the meeting. It is so important that we have a strong showing of Fairlington United supporters filling the seats at this meeting. Kenmore Middle School is located at 200 S Carlin Springs Rd, Arlington, VA 22204. 

Reasons why this proposal is ill-advised for the students and families of Fairlington and Abingdon Elementary:

1.     Proximity

-- Although the southern portion of Fairlington falls outside the “walk zone” it remains within a 1 mile radius of the school.
-- A significant amount of students walk/bike to school from the southern ares of Fairlington to Abingdon. APS could potentially remove one bus servicing the southern area which would improve overall transportation efficiency and costs.
-- All students in Fairlington would most definitely need bused to Drew. This would put a greater strain on APS transportation which is not a luxury APS has.
-- Bus rides from Fairlington to Drew would significantly lengthen the ride for kids.

2.     Efficiency

-- Fairlington fought for a much-needed school renovation, with Abingdon students in relocatable classrooms for a year, and would now not be able to enjoy the benefits of a new community-supported school.
-- Fairlington families that now walk/bike to Abingdon won’t be able to do so if moved to Drew.
-- Fairlington families that bus will have to start their day even earlier as the length of the ride will triple if moved to Drew.
-- Fairlington families that drive to school would have to cross over major roadways to get to Drew. This is inefficient and would cause additional traffic in South Arlington.

3.     Contiguity

-- Fairlington currently has no major parks or highways deterring them from Abingdon. Moving southern portion of Fairlington to Drew incorporates multiple major roads and parks which obstruct families from the school as well as the neighborhoods surrounding Drew.
-- A portion of Shirlington planning units would potentially need to move as it likely that buses would travel through Shirlington to get to Drew.
-- The South Fairlington planning unit is currently adjacent to Abingdon.

When it comes to proximity, efficiency, and contiguity there are no gains and significant losses for Fairlington families if moved to Drew.

One final point we cannot state with enough urgency, Fairlington in and of itself is one big Community, both North and South. There is dynamic engagement which unite both students and families in Fairlington (community centers, 5K, farmers market, parks, summer swim teams, parades; the list goes on and on). Fairlington Civic Association is a very active and engaged association; with two voting stations with over 1500 voters on each side, we nearly double every other civic association in the county. Abingdon’s community of Fairlington should be an example of what APS strives for when creating school zones not trying to tear it apart.

For more information on the boundary reassignment process visit the APS website to view videos of the past meetings, meeting presentations, and more.