Update Priest Rivers Telecom Ordinance. Control#2021-12-01 Mullaley

Update Priest Rivers Telecom Ordinance. Control#2021-12-01 Mullaley

April 14, 2022
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Started by Elizabeth Holbrook

Priest River City Petition Control# 2021-12-01 Mullaley. Priest River City Council plans to revisit the proposal to update the City's Telecommunication Ordinance on May 16th. All are welcome to attend. There is power in numbers! The Priest River City Council WANTS to hear from City residents. The proposed update is a proactive intervention to keep 5G small cell towers (sWTFs) out of residential areas and away from schools. This does not affect cell phone service. The small cells are for internet only and are being rolled out all over Idaho in front of homes. Priest River has Ziply Fiber and is soon to have Fiber Optic Internet available as soon as this summer. If you WORK, OWN A BUSINESS or HAVE CHILDREN that attend schools in PRIEST RIVER you can send letters in support of the ordinance update to Priest River City Clerk lthomas@priestriver-id.gov or physically drop off at City Hall. There will also be a hard copy available upon request. Sign up for emails at wireidaho.com/priest-river or email us at WireIdaho@protonmail.com to request contact information for a Petition holder. IT IS IMPORTANT THAT WE ONLY HAVE RESIDENTS OF PRIEST RIVER SIGN THIS. EVERYONE ELSE IS ENCOURAGED TO SEND EMAILS OR LETTERS. Thank You!

See Petition Below.

            Priest River City Petition - Control #2021-12-01 Mullaley

(Request for Amendments of Wireless Communication Facilities Code)

We, the undersigned, each of us being a resident and qualified elector of the City of Priest River, respectfully present this petition to you and certify:

We demand that Mayor Wylie and City Council Members uphold their commitment to the citizens of Priest River by maintaining the safety and wellbeing of every person within the City of Priest River by adding the following provisions to our current wireless telecommunications ordinance. You CAN legally regulate electrical output, sufficient setbacks, require liability bonds, and request a Needs Test.

1.     Compliance: Requirement that all Wireless Telecommunications Facility (WTF) infrastructure applications are consistent with the following federal acts: the 1996 Telecommunications Act (1996-TCA), the National Environmental Policy Act (NEPA) including a NEPA review for every new facility, the Fair Housing Amendments Act (FHAA) and the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA).

2.     Needs Test: 1996-TCA specifies that a cell phone must have the ability to make and receive phone calls. Ordinance applications should require that WTFs of any size or any “G” pass a city-specified needs test completed by an unbiased professional that proves with substantial evidence in the public record that the WTF is needed to fill a proven significant gap in telecommunications service and that the WTF is the least intrusive means to fill that proven gap.

3.     Insurance Liability: Liability bonds to protect us when our property values drop or we get microwave sickness, with no exemption for pollution or electromagnetic radiation.

4.     Cap on the power output of cell tower: Documentation from a qualified and licensed independent professional engineer showing that the proposed facility will be in compliance with the FCC standards regarding radio frequency (RF) emissions at all times.

5.     Appropriate Setbacks: Telecommunication output devices must be no less than 1,500 feet from homes and schools. It’s not just about the appearance! We want them at a safe distance!

6.     Fiber Optic To The Premises Internet: (FTTP) or other wired option for all internet.

For more information or to see the proposed updated version of Priest River’s ordinance: www.wireamerica.org ; https://wireidaho.com/pr-residents-wireless-ordinance/



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Signatures: 40Next Goal: 50
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