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Save the Keego Harbor Trailer Park! Salvemos el parque de trailers en Keego Harbor!

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The trailer park has 93 units, 92 of which can be occupied by full-time residents, and most currently are. These residents range from senior citizens who are long-time Keego Harbor residents, to families with young children who attend Roosevelt (Abbott, & WBHS). Most of these hard-working families live on a very fixed-income. They are ALL facing eviction. The owner of the trailer park is trying redevelop the land as a 6-story, multi-family, multi-use complex. Units in the new complex will likely cost significantly more than the current $401/month lot rent.

We need to stand with the residents of the trailer park, and let the City Planning Commission and Council, as well as Trailer Park Owner Ara Darakjian, know that we oppose this redevelopment. Keep trailer park residents in their homes! If we lose, nearly 90 families will be forcibly removed from their homes and community, causing severe emotional and financial distress. What other communities offer this safe, family environment & award-winning schools at the same price-point?  How will seniors adjust to new communities? How will new schools, homes, and communities affect the development and emotional well-being of the children?

If the city agrees with the plan to evict all of the trailer park's residents, it will not only cause severe emotional and financial stress for seniors, children, and families, it will forever change the fabric of Keego Harbor itself. The trailer park’s residents understand what Keego is, and care about it. They are faces you know. People who give back to the community.

On a personal note, I am so thankful to have grown up in the trailer park. Attending West Bloomfield Schools blessed me with a tremendous education, allowing me to go on to the University of Michigan and become one of the first in my family to attend college. Beyond that, when I compare childhood stories with friends who grew up in a more traditional middle-class setting, mine are by far the best. I am still in touch with the other kids who grew up in the trailer park with me. We spent our days swimming, fishing, skating, sledding, riding bikes and playing together. We were watched (and yelled at, haha) by all of the neighborhood moms. At night we roasted marshmallows at the beach, and played flashlight tag. We were loved and cared for by all of our neighbors. It was magical.

I now live out of state in a big city, but bring my 8y/o home every year to spend her summers in the trailer park with her grandparents and best friend, who lives next door to my parents. Best friend is like a daughter to me. She is kind, bright, funny, and full of spunk. She has a huge heart. She is a tremendous little girl who deserves access to high-quality educational opportunities, and stability. Her parents work hard to provide for their family. Where will they go? How will this shift the course of her life? At this income level, will they find a place as safe, with schools as good? It breaks my heart. And it breaks my heart to think that soon my daughter and I will no longer be able to visit the place that I have always called home. That my parents, and great aunt (also a resident) in their 70s are looking for a place to move that will take them away from where their kids grew up, away from neighbors they know so well, away from their community. All for what? Financial gain for the rich? Progress and improvement? For who?

Please stand with the residents of the trailer park. Sign this petition. Pass it on to as many others as you can. Help protect the homes of dozens of families, and the fabric of Keego itself. Thank you, sincerely, for your time. 

**El parque de remolques (traileres) "Keego Harbor Mobile Home Community" cuenta con 93 unidades, de las cuales 92 pueden ser ocupadas, y actualmente la mayoría lo están. Los residentes son personas de edad avanzada que han sido residentes de Keego Harbor por mucho tiempo, al igual que familias con hijos pequeños que asisten a la escuelas en el área (Abbott y West Bloomfield High School). La mayoría de estas familias tienen ingresos fijos y ahora se ven forzados a desalojar sus residencias. El dueño del parque está tratando de remodelar el terreno y convertirlo en un edificio de 6 pisos, para uso comercial y residencial. Unidades en el nuevo edificio muy probablemente costarán mucho más que la actual renta de lote de $401.00 al mes.

Necesitamos apoyar a los residentes del parque, y hacerle saber tanto a la comisión de planes de ciudad como al dueño del parque, el señor Ara Darakjian, que estamos en desacuerdo y nos oponemos el desalojo y remodelación del parque.

¡Permita a los residentes permanecer en sus hogares! Si perdemos, aproximadamente 90 familias serán forzadas a abandonar sus casas y su comunidad, causando estrés emocional y económico. ¿Qué otra comunidad ofrece seguridad, ambiente familiar, y escuelas de alto nivel académico al mismo precio que ahora pagan?

¿Cómo se ajustarán los ancianos en nuevas comunidades que les son ajenas? ¿Cómo se afectaría el desarrollo emocional y académico de los niños que tendrán que asistir a nuevas escuelas, casas, y comunidades?

Si la ciudad acepta el plan de desalojar a todos los residentes del parque, no solo causara estrés económico y emocional a las familias con niños y personas de mayor edad, si no que cambiará por completo el ambiente de la ciudad. Los residentes conocen Keego Harbor y se preocupan por aportar a la comunidad.

Por favor, apoyemos a los residentes del parque de remolques.
Firma esta petición y comparte con otros. Ayúdanos a proteger a las familias de la comunidad de "Keego Harbor Mobile Home Community".
Hoy por ti, mañana por mi.

Muchas gracias por tu tiempo y apoyo.

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