We want Keanu Reeves Pop! Funko

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The success of Funko's vinyl figures has been growing worldwide, bringing in cute little head versions of series characters, movies, cartoons, and winning the hearts of Pop Culture lovers!

After the release of John Wick's third movie, Keanu Reeves gained more prominence this year (2019), and with the announcement of Matrix 4, Bill & Ted 3 and more, fans went wild. Keanu is a very admirable person for his simplicity, kindness, humility, a truly inspiring man.

As a Pop! collector and a great Reeves admirer, I believe that, just like me, other Keanu fans and pop collectors would like Funko to release Keanu Reeves' own vinyl figure, as (or similar) in the image I have customized.

If the Pop! Neo, Duke Caboom, Ted Logan and John Wick have all been successful, so imagine Keanu Reeves himself in miniature? Breathtaking!