Keanu Reeves, join the movement and say NO to animal cruelty. Go vegan!

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Keanu Reeves, in recent times you have become an emblem of the perfect point between kindess and coolness. Your respect for women when taking photos, and empathy for animals* have not been lost, but one thing is lacking. One thing is morally inconsistent. Eating steak, and other animals contributes to mass animal abuse and inhumanity. It has terrible environmental and health impacts, and is lobbied for at the expense of nearby communities and people who have to work at slaughterhouses at the risk of their health, humanity, and sometimes times life due to suicide. 

Our urge is for you to watch 1-2 documentaries such as Dominion, Earthlings, or Cowspiracy. Then, join the movement

*idk if u actually said this or not but own it ;)