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KDVS Radio: Stop the bullying of fans with mental disability.

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Since this month is national Anti-Bullying Month I feel it is time for me to speak up. Also, I know that a bystander who makes no effort to help is as bad, if not worse, than the bully.

On many occurrences, my uncle has brought to my attention some instances of how a few specific DJs from a local radio station in my town have acted towards him. The station is KDVS, which is a UC Davis station located on the UC Davis campus.  He was very upset by it. But he still tells me he LOVES the show he listens to on KDVS.  He calls in making requests regularly regardless of some of the DJs' behavior towards him.  He is VERY dedicated to KDVS, especially the "metal" show they have on every night, that goes on past midnight and he stays up and listens to it in its entirety.

My uncle suffers from a form of high functioning autism and mental disability. He  LOVES all kinds of music, especially the metal and rock and roll genres. He has told me music has saved him from many dark places in his life. It's one of the only things that gives him happiness. Music has given me something to bond over with my uncle and we have became much closer over the years because of the gift it has given us.

1) This summer,the radio show had a fan/DJ barbeque at the park by my house.  My uncle was very excited about being invited. I went with him, in case he needed help or company and I was curious. I had heard so much about the behavior of the DJs. We were a bit late because my uncle wanted to bring some contributions, so we stopped by the store. Upon arriving to the bbq, my uncle went straight for the food area. He is a bit clumsy, and he dropped some food on the ground.  The DJs I recognized as the ones my uncle has complained about then told him to pick it up and eat it. And of course my uncle does not have the ability to understand they are rudely joking, and started to do as they say. I pulled him aside to try and explain to him their bullying is wrong, they are aware of his illnesses and they should know better. I do not know all of their names, except one named Paul. He and my uncle have known eachother almost 20 years or more. And, Paul has bullied him most of those years. I was afraid to tell off any of those larger men to their face, since I am a short young woman, and they were almost all ganging up on my uncle and making fun of him to his face along with the food incident. I also heard one of them say behind his back "I knew he was that retarded, but is he too retarded to know nobody likes him?" My mom then called my cell asking if my uncle was okay and I told her what happened. She was very upset by this, and wanted to come pick up my uncle. I told her I was going to try and get him to go home or stand up for himself. But she came anyway. My mom will stand up to ANYBODY because she is a strong, assertive woman, she quietly pulled the main DJ badmouthing and bullying my uncle and asks him to be more understanding and tried to get him to ease off of him, then got his group of friends to gang up on my mom and saying "Back off bitch, I didn't do anything, fuck you and you can leave." Of course my uncle wanted to stay because he still didn't understand the situation. Another fan of the station, kindly stood up for my mom and understood my uncle's mental illness and tried to befriend him and was very polite to me and my mom. He hung out with my uncle so he would have a friend. But of course my uncle then later that night, continued to listen to the radio station and support them fully, because he loves the music SO much. Even though he was the first fan to call in and request a band for them to play and denied him because they bluntly said "because it's you Charles."

2) Last night my uncle was still up from after a long day to listen to the radio show. He was upbeat because it was his birthday. He called in at the beginning of the show and requested Death Angel, one of his favorite bands. One of the current DJs hosting, I believe it was Paul, rudely said "Sure whatever." A few songs later, they play a Death Angel song and right before they said, "Yeah! You hear that Charles? Now go away." the other DJ said "If you're Charles, don't call us. We're sick of you. Nobody cares what you have to say we play whatever the hell we want. We don't care about you." Of course my uncle was very hurt by what they said. But of course I know that he will still support and listen to them.

This may not seem like a big deal to anybody, but I am SICK of how these men treat my uncle. They still are glorified by him and the local music community in Davis and act as they are godly figures in the small Davis music scene. My uncle I can say is one of their show's biggest fans and supports them so much by always listening, requesting songs, going to shows they endorse, and even buying items from their fundraiser.

This is an example of why bullying is an issue throughout our entire society at any age. These disgusting people take my uncles vulnerable circumstances and use them against him without him being able to fully understand. Music is a great and wonderful thing and my family loves it, but this radio station disgusts me by enabling such mistreatment towards individuals.

Please do not support any of the shows on KDVS. However, please continue to listen to the bands from other sources like CDs, shows, Pandora, and any other outlets except KDVS.


Disclaimer: This petition is being presented by my family on our own without any outside affiliations with any businesses or any other types of organizations. These views are in regards to our own personal matters within our family and any of our individual supporters.

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