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Let BTS Kim Seok jin debut as an actor in a K-DRAMA !❤

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Dearest , KBS company we really love your korean dramas . Producing high-quality Korean drama is that really attracts us. We're really love the recent topic drama "Hwarang" which we really appreciate involves a debut of a new actor from a BTS member " Kim Tae hyung " we really love and appriciate his appearnce on Hwarang and really hope.  He will get more chances to appear in more K drama to pursue His debut as an actor . We really hope you will make another  chance I don't open door to the rest of the BTS members such as Kim-Seok Jin  because we would love to see more of it, I think Kim- Seok jin it will be a perfect actor and I think he would deserve a chance  to get a part for involved in a Korean drama especially because of his college make major that is an actor and graduated in that major we would love to get a chance see him to be on KBS upcoming drama and see his debut as an actor . Especially the video that he wants his mother to be proud of him really touches me that people should give him more chance to shine and show his talent especially when he tried hard to graduate his college majoring but haven't get a chance to show his skills and wanting his parents to be proud of him .Please consider about our proposal thank you so much I really hope  this petition will make a new open door for the fellow BTS members to get a chance of getting a debut in the acting career. - ❤ Vanesea & ARMY 

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