We want Bandai / Namco to invest and expand the PSVR offering on Ace Combat 7.

0 have signed. Let’s get to 200!

Ace Combat is honestly fantastic and we want much more. It is hands down the best flight sim we have and you could certainly do a separate dlc/standalone covering the present small war that doesnt affect the main story or Canon.

if this cannot be done how about you make a standalone multiplayer. You did a GOOD JOB on this small slice of VR and we need to let you know that you are potentially sitting on a gold mine.

You were probably hesistant on the reception for your first VR efforts and understandably scaled back your manpower when it came down to fully fleshing this out as your *primary goal* was a new *proper* Ace Combat game (non-vr) as this had a much wider audience) but after playing this I can say this could quite possibly be one of the most ground breaking VR games on ps4 and on par with RE7 as far as technical prowess / implementation of the tech is concerned and could be a massive system seller. You did a great a job and if you offered dlc or standalone content utilizing the VR team you would be one of the top VR content makers on the scene today.