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Sony A7 : 14 Bit uncompressed + PDAF with third party adapters

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Mr. Kazuo Hirai,

We, as early adopters of the FE system, were the reason why it is this successful today. Yet, Sony seems to intentionally omit us when it comes to important updates for cameras still on sale to this date.

Our request is for Sony to offer:

- 14 bit uncompressed raw for the original A7/A7r/A7s
- Updated PDAF for the A7 so it can be used with third party adapters.

In case this isn’t possible, please provide a technical explanation why it isn’t through an official communique.

Sony has been actively listening to its customers for the past couple of years and it’s been “good for business”. We expect no less for this simple demand.


Original A7 & A7r customers.

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