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Design Management class of 2017 asks for a refund.

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​Due to the prolonged strike at George Brown College, the Design Management class of 2017 is asking for a refund for the weeks of school missed. We understand and support our professors and their right to strike, however, it is unfair for us to be paying tuition and not learning what was promised to us. When the strike ends, we will not get back this lost time to learn and therefore have paid for nothing. As a class, we want to be in school, we paid for this, we put in time and effort and we want to succeed.

When we paid our fees, fees that were very high in respect to other post-graduate programs, were promised a service, and even if classes resume the passion we started with is gone. Everything has changed; the momentum and path we set out on has been lost and it will be very hard to regain the flow once classes resume.

 We the students went through unnecessary stress, always wondering if today would be the last day of the strike. We were worried about our learning, but we are also concerned with how the strike had affected our life plans, work plans and travel during the holidays. This year is no longer the same. We feel that at a minimum, our lost weeks should be reimbursed to us even if there is an attempt made to teach the material in the time remaining.

 Going to college is something that student think, dream, hope and plan for a very long time. This year for us has been ruined in more ways than just our education and we deserve some compensation for that.

 While the two sides argue their points, the students have been lost in this dispute and we want our voice to be heard. With this petition we are advocating for our education and ourselves.


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