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More Security in Our Schools, Make our Kids lives as important as the Court House!!

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Our president is protected BY GUNS, Our law enforcement is protected BY GUNS celebrities are protected BY GUNS our military is protected BY GUNS, Money being transported is even protected BY GUNS Everything deemed important in this world is protected BY GUNS yet, The buildings that hold the most precious possesions in this world (our children) the future of this country are protected with A SIGN, a simple sign that says no weapons and a worthless excuse for a door buzzer that lets you in and gives you access to these babies for any reason under the sun. You press a button and respond with something so simple as "I'm bringing my kid lunch", "I want to enroll my child", "I have a paper to turn in".....etc and boom just like that you are let in and given free range to go wherever you please in what is suppose to be a "safe zone" for our children, and in most schools reaching the office requires you to walk through a portion of the school. Our schools have ZERO security. Every school need a locked and secured entry way connected to the office with a metal detector,an armed officer or veteran and bullet proof glass where visitors stand at a window connected to the office where they speak to an attendant sitting behind the bullet proof glass about what they are there for, validate your reason for being there with proof of your childs name to validate your reason for being there. Picking your kid up? Great we;ll send them out to you. Enrolling a new child? The forms can be provided to you drawer as they use at an outside gas station, forms can them be returned in the same way. Your dropping something off for your child? Okay, Leave it right here and we will see that it gets to your child. We won't allow Teachers to have protection in classrooms, we won't allow armed securty at the door BUT if there is an emergency we call someone with a gun and by that time its too late!! In HIghschools we need metal detectors at the doors that EVERY students walks though upon entering the school with armed security right next to them. Many schools in poverty stricken/ High crime rate areas have this measure yet in others we dont? Our City in 2017 and 2018 Alone has approved $3 Million for city parks, $22.5 Million for Streets and Roads. $6 Million for Sidewalks and Alleys, $61.7 Million for Phase 1 of the River Front Project, $25-30 Million for Phase 2 of the River Front Project and $25-30 for Phase 3 of the River Front Project. Yet, Will not even consider funding upping security in our Schools. We have the maximum amount of security in our Court house yet when it comes to Our Schools we have a "Buzzer". Changes need made, Our Children need protection!! Please sign this petition to push for security in our schools for the protection of our children. Make our children just as imortant as the court house!!

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