Help Stop Criminally Operated Organization- 260 Disaster Relief Team

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This 501c3 organization was created by Founder Joshua Braden and Co Founder Nicole Tzenov accompanied by Coordinators Kassie Frazier and myself, Kayla Curtin. The first animal rescue by this organization took place the first week of October 2017. Over 40 dogs were transported from Laredo Texas to Fort Wayne Indiana. A Go Fund me Account was created to fund this rescue, and in turn raised many donations. The funds from the Go fund Me account were not immediately available so Nicole loaned Joshua $800 to fund the rescue. She loaned him this money with the agreement that it would be returned to her by him. Joshua never returned these funds to Nicole, in addition he pocketed all of the donation money from the Go Fund me Account. Joshua transported the animals in a rental van with a suspended drivers license. He had asured Nicole, Kassie and myself that all dogs had a rescue to go to when they arrived in Fort Wayne IN, we later came to find out that was a lie. The rescue agencies that took the majority of the dogs recieved fictitious paperwork for the animals they received. 6 pitbulls in this load of rescues did not have anywhere to go after arriving to Fort Wayne, despite Joshua guaranteeing that all animals had an assigned rescue. Joshua had told Nicole, Kassie and myself that he had made arrangements with the ASPCA and HOPE for animals for the 6 pittbulls to be registered and neutered free of charge to the families who adopted them. I managed to find families for 3 of the 6 pittbulls. These families were lied to, scammed and deceived by Joshua. He did not provide a single piece of paperwork. Nicole, Kassie and myself contacted the ASPCA and HOPE for Animals to confirm the arrangements Joshua assured us he made. These 2 agencies informed us that they had not made any such arrangements and that they had never spoken to Joshua, these families are quite upset. He had made no arrangements for the remaining 3 pittbulls he took them to his apartment where he kept them in the garage in 80 degree temperatures, they were neglected to the level of losing a significant amount of weight. After witnessing all of these events play out and being lied to, deceived and scammed they way we were we decided to conduct a background check on Joshua Braden and what we found was horrible. Joshua has been charged and incarcerated on 2 Felony charges for; Fraud on a Financial Institution, Check Fraud, Check Deception, Forgery and Theft. He has been charged with 6 Criminal Misdemeanors, 4 for Driving While Suspended, Unauthorized Absence from Home Detention, and Criminal Conversion. Amongst these are various dangerous Driving Infractions, a Civil Plenary charge and he is currently being held in collections by a large amount of various companies. He is currently behind $9,416.51 in legal fees and is still creating many Go Fund Me accounts for rescue animals to collect donations that he is personally keeping.

Please Sign this Petition to Help Us stop this criminal from from scamming any further Donors and Adoptive Families. Help stop him from taking advantage of and neglecting poor rescue animals. To witness these horrific charges please visit Mycase.IN.Gov and search Joshua Michael Braden. 



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