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We, the Parents and Community of Langley Elementary School, petition the DCPS school board and Chancellor Kaya Henderson for a review and amendment of the Langley Fiscal Year 2015 budget. The budget released last night notes an $85,000 grand increase without accounting for our increase in students and loss of essential staff.

We move for an increase in our budget of $372,210 based on the following discrepancies which account for more than the projected 85,000 increase.

Overall amount allocated for Personnel Funds has been reduced by $74, 283.

The monies to cover the new Autism class and AIdes  is adding to $155,988.  

This is an additional city-wide district program that should be covered by the district.

The monies to cover the Teacher Leadership Innovation (TLI) Pilot costs $141,939.

This is a pilot that Langley was accepted to a few weeks ago.  

All of the literature stated that a "Teacher Effectiveness" Grant from the district would pay for the additional teachers necessary.

Instead of increasing our FY15 budget by this amount, the district has taken away some of our current and critical positions in the FY14 budget to pay for this.

We move for the reinstatement of the following positions:

  • Part Time Science Technology Engineering and Math Coordinator
  • Full Time Dean of Students
  • Full Time School Counselor


We move for the following positions to remain full time:

  •  Librarian
  •  Foreign Language Teacher
  •  Business Manager 


The Parents and Community of Langley have signed this petition in support of these amendments to the Langley Elementary Fiscal Year budget to keep our school thriving. We demand these amendments be addressed prior to the March 18th, 2014 budget submission.

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