Stop The Glow - Remove Lighting That Discourages Turtles From Laying At Oaks Beach

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Stop The Glow - Oaks Beach “Turtle Friendly” Lighting

Recently Ergon installed new lighting surrounding Burnett Heads Oaks Beach. These orange lights are meant to not interrupt turtles from laying at Oaks Beach.
Due to incorrect installation of these “turtle friendly lights”, the community of Burnett Heads is worried this season will face a decline in turtles reaching Oaks Beach.

The lights were promised to the turtle community to have “blinkers” on them to reduce visability from sea. These have NOT been installed. Also the lights were promised to turtle volunteers to face to the west, however driving east along Scott Street towards the lights, they are less visable due to the angle installed.
The turtles have a large impact on tourism in Bundaberg, and with Oaks Beach neighbouring Mon Repos Turtle Rookery, each year we see hundreds of turtles lay on our local beach.

Burnett Heads Community Raffles held at The Lighthouse Hotel have helped support the turtles, by installing mesh to prevent turtles reaching the road. Turtle Volunteers spend hours each season unpaid to help tag & monitor turtle numbers. But with these new lights installed we are worried for future of our turtles.

We need to remove or alter these lights to stop affecting future layings.

Please support the Burnett Heads Community by signing this petition or contact the local council on 1300883699 to express your concerns.
The turtle community have had several meetings with local councillors & council members with no luck as they are saying it is an Ergon Energy problem.
Please help us support our community & keep our turtles coming back by signing this petition so we can forward it to whoever might want to actually help us fix this problem!

Remove new lighting surrounding Oaks Beach in Burnett Heads & along Scott Street.
Lights needs to have blinkers installed or lights to face in Westerly direction.