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Nathaniel “Nate” Woods is set to be executed by Alabama on March 5, 2020. There is no evidence that there was any plan or scheme to kill the 3 police officers who were murdered June 17, 2004. They were killed by one man acting alone, who confessed & has always said Nate was IN NO WAY involved. The triggerman was sentenced to life without parole by his jury, but the judge overrode and imposed death. Nate, who was tried by the same judge & prosecutors, was sentenced to die by a 10-2 jury vote on a flimsy theory of complicity.

Nate & ALL WITNESSES who were with Nate before & during the shooting have always maintained his innocence. Nate surrendered to the police before the shooting began, saying “I give up. I give up” when one officer came at him with pepper spray. Defiance does not make one complicit in capital murder.

Many injustices derailed Nate's trial, some of which only came to light in the past 2 weeks through efforts by Nate’s new pro bono counsel. Learn the facts:

WITNESS & EVIDENCE TAMPERING: At least 2 key State’s witnesses were coached, intimidated & baited before their trial testimonies by the assistant DA, a detective & a so-called “memory expert.” Evidence was moved by the first-responding technician to hide that the police initiated aggression--what other evidence was tainted??
INCOMPETENT COUNSEL: Nate has been repeatedly & woefully let down by Court-appointed counsel. Nate’s trial attorneys were immensely underqualified. On appeal, Nate was abandoned NOT 2 BUT 3 TIMES. Because he missed some deadlines, the Courts can now ignore his case on a technicality—BUT THEY CAN REVIEW IT IF THEY CHOOSE TO.
DISPROPORTIONATE SENTENCING: The State offered Nate a plea deal of a non-capital 20- to 25-years. Nate’s lawyers incorrectly told Nate he could not be convicted let alone executed since there was no evidence of a plan to kill or of Nate being in any way responsible for the shooting, so Nate rejected the plea.
POLICE CORRUPTION: It was widely known in the surrounding community that 2 of the deceased officers accepted bribes from known drug dealers & planted drugs. One dealer who leased the apartment where the shooting occurred had stopped making his payments just a few weeks before the shooting. The officers were looking for any reason to get inside the apartment that day.

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