Stop Governor Ivey from making us redo this school year.

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Dear Governor Kay Ivey, please do not make us redo the school year. This is a reckless decision that could cause more stress on seniors and juniors alike. This could force students to unenroll and get their GED, which will impact jobs in the future. We as students are asking you to not make this unnecessary and heinous decision. I personally graduate next year, and this could mess up the plans that I had for my graduation and job plans. Please take into consideration what seniors go through in this already stressful year and rethink this decision before you do something that you will regret. Please come up with a different alternative for students. Let us do online schooling, or some type of summer school. The graduating class of 2020 has worked hard to get to where they are now. I know many seniors this would impact, and hurt their future. Even the juniors have worked hard to get to where we are now. It's ridiculous to even consider this, so I hope you will take this into consideration and find a new alternative for students. COVID-19 is not our fault. Do not punish students for what we cannot control.