Lower the price of student parking permits at UAH to $50

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The price of parking permits at UAH has been an issue on campus since 2009 when they first raised the price of parking from $35 to $125.  Since then, the price of parking has risen again to $140.  Students and parents alike agree that $140 for permission to park on campus is an overpriced amount.  The price of the product does not equal the results we are receiving.  Here are complaints students, and parents have made since the start of this petition.

  1.  Commuter parking and residence hall parking inherently are very different and should not be the same price.  The students living on campus are forced to stay in their dorm parking lot, yet pay $140 for a permit to not move their car.  In inclement weather conditions, residence students are forced to walk across campus to get to class, rather than obtain a parking spot slightly closer to where their classes are being held.  That is not worth $140. 
  2. Commuter students sometimes are not able to find decent parking in order to get to class in a time-effective manner.  We understand UAH's lack of parking, but do not believe we should be charged $140 because of the school's inability to provide decent parking
  3. UAH Campus Police are inconsistent and unsympathetic to students on campus.  Rather than working with students, they scrutinize and fine them.  They do not have a relationship with students on campus.  Student's should not be fined when the college is closed (Christmas break).  Campus police care more about giving out tickets, rather than protecting the students.

Overall, everyone who signs the petition agrees that $140 is way too much for parking on campus.  Students in higher education already face a mountain of financial hardships and should not be overcharged for parking on a campus where they pay $5,000+ in tuition a semester.  A majority of students agree that the zoned parking should remain to keep congestion from otherwise congested areas.  Yet, it needs to be reevaluated to provide better parking for students who live in residence halls, for athletes who are constantly at Spragins Hall, and for greek life to park behind the house they pay to live at.  Students should not face additional financial hardship because their universities reluctance to provide affordable parking.  The value of parking on campus does not equal $140 per student.  The university's new administration should look to decrease the cost of parking permits, retrain the campus police department in parking enforcement, and reevaluate the zoned parking system.