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Investigation of the power of a Building Commissioner (Gadsden, AL).

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This is my house that the CITY refuses to allow me to save. I was forced out due to a bad marriage, then he moved to TX (without me knowing). Vagrants invaded the house, I was never sent anything AT ALL per the building committee! Because of other circumstances I didn't even know I still owned the house. I found out by word of mouth that on 4/11 there would be a council meeting concerning the DEMOLISION of my house (that I JUST HAD FOUND OUT ON 4/10 I STILL OWNED)! I was told by a city paid employee to secure the outside, and about after spending $400 in the immediate weekend I found out it was still mine, and SECURING the house (adding doors that had been kicked in....securing windows to prevent any entrance). Slowly, I was making progress (and working 64hrs a WEEK to save money to facilitate fixing everything). However, I felt pretty safe since I did what was initially stated, "Get the outside taken care of."

Ironically, through ALL of this...Heath with the ECSO had NO trouble contacting me to drive to Gadsden and fill out a witness statement concerning it being my house that MICHAEL EDWARDS and his druggie friends had torn up! Ironically, the doors that were installed, and the covered windows (that had been previously knocked out was not enough. Oddly, after many email exchanges one day recently between a city official and I, he felt it necessary to go by the house and send me a picture of the BACK DOOR (that was locked and intact the day before!), all of the sudden during his rage the BACK DOOR had been KICKED IN. ��‍♀️ The last pic is of me laying flooring. This was mine and my sons HOME for 13years. Yet, to the city that means absolutely nothing. The city official even sent a sarcastic email to me stating, "The house will be demolished." Then in another email, he simply stated, "Good luck in this matter." It seems he revels in the AUTHORITY he has been given. It has gone to his head, and he lacks any sort of human compassion.

I found out recently, that I would need to file a "TRO" to prevent the city from demolishing my home via an attorney ($3800)! That's $3800 I don't have. As previously stated, I live in a camper. At one time, I even inquired about me living in the camper in the back yard of my home to oversee the house, and facilitate the process of fixing the damages. I was told by Harbison, "The FIRST complaint I get about the camper, you would have to move it!"

MICHAEL EDWARDS (arrested per the city related to this situation...These charges do nothing to serve me).

I have photos of homes in the general vacinity there is one DIRECTLY behind mine! Condemned notices nor any action was taken per the City of Gadsden against these houses!

Last week, I was just informed that a CITY OFFICIAL  is condeming houses that are easy targets, and POSSIBLY receiving kickbacks (under the table).  This comes from someone at the court house, and it was told to me that this is WELL KNOWN there! 



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