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I’m birthing this petition for the greater good of Human health (both physical and mental), Human well-being and all that the aforementioned encompasses.  
As a US Army Veteran and a leader in our fitness community, our nutrition store has witnessed a rise in depression, anxiety, low morale, and an increase in unhealthy practices. 
With the most recent and current epidemic and calamity of the COVID-19 virus, all Gyms across the nation were ordered to close, as it was stated that Gym environments were a, “non-essential business.”  This, by all measures is factually untrue.  It was also stated that Gym environments were unsafe, due to the potential spread of this virus.  These issued statements are not factual and are based off uneducated misconceptions. Numerous environments / platforms, which are wildly more toxic, still remain open and functioning through this time.  Gym environments are much much cleaner than many frequently visited locations such as: subways, transportation hubs, crowded restaurants, buses, supermarkets, construction sites, “home improvement” stores, department stores, crowded coffee shops, etc.  Gym environments are thoroughly cleaned, sterilized and sanitized much more frequently than many, “other,” and the aforementioned businesses that remain open today, and/or that function on a daily basis. “Misconceptions,” stem from uneducated individuals; the very individuals making these statements have little to no intellect on the subject.  Have any of these individuals ever tested gyms? The air quality, surface cleanliness, materials used and the anti-bacterial nature of them, the chemicals used to clean?  I myself have, for Decades.  Gyms are NOT the worst place to be, not even close. Again, they’re cleaned, sterilized, disinfected and sanitized to extreme degrees and MUCH more than restaurants, transportation hubs, malls, stores, etc., etc., etc.  

Furthermore, gyms already partake in, “distancing.”  Everyone working out separates themselves accordingly because you don’t want someone on top of you while you’re training and if anyone feels that worried about it, you can ALWAYS and at any time, wear a mask to self-protect yourself and not just during this calamity.  Moreover, Gyms and Fitness facilities provide unequivocal and incontrovertible health (Physical & Mental) benefits to all those who utilize them.  They provide relief from many health complications, mental deficiencies, addiction, stress, PTSD, opioid use, anxiety, panic disorder, insomnia, daily stresses of life, etc. They profoundly aide in the rehabilitation and/or continued health progression of people of all ages, people with disabilities, athletes and persons who are recovering from injury, accident and/or surgery. As well, many individuals and athletes, both amateur and professional, will suffer greatly in career and future performance, should this order remain.

The ability and right to exercise within said facilities has and continues to benefit humankind in more positive ways than one could possibly list.  It is a proven fact that when you physically exercise, your physiology changes, which in turn affects your brain function in the numerous aspects listed above. Gyms and Health Clubs improve lives, improve health and greatly improves our body’s ability to fight off sickness.  It has been proven time and time again and is recommended by every Doctor and health professional on this planet. In our own nutrition store we have witnessed a rise in the purchase of health products such as; 5-HTP, caffine, Serotonin products, mood control and other focus/ brain function products. There are millions of citizens suffering right now. Denying ones ability to enter arenas of physical fitness can and will create further sickness and instability. We faithfully submit this petition to reopen Gyms in the State of Alabama and nationwide.

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