Autism Therapy Coverage for Alabama's Children

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My grandson, James Michael, (see was born April 27, 2016 and diagnosed with Autism in January 2018. Since the diagnosis we have struggled to provide him with his MUCH needed therapies including ABA Therapy that comes at a cost of $50 per hour with recommended hours of 10-12 per week.  The state of Alabama recently passed HB284 that makes it mandatory for insurance to pick up autism as any other illness and pay, but it failed to include self funded insurance companies such as hospitals, some doctors, etc. Since my daughter is a nurse, we will continue to be out of pocket on all of my grand son's needed therapies. We are only 1 in many of Alabamian's who need our insurance to step up and recognize these children and pay for their needed health care. I ask that you sign this petition demanding that Alabama take a stand and revamp HB284 to include privately funded insurance in Alabama and ALL insurance in Alabama!! These children deserve the help they need to become productive citizens in our communities one day. Please sign to send a message that this needs to be a priority!!! Thank you!!