Lake Macquarie City Council: Declare a climate emergency


Thirty councils in Australia have declared a climate emergency already, including City of Newcastle and Upper Hunter Shire Council as well as the ACT government. Overseas, cities like New York and LA and countries including Ireland, Canada, and the UK have also done so.

Over 99 per cent of scientists world-wide agree that we are in a climate emergency, with the potential for climate tipping points to cause global destruction and food shortages for us all, unless greenhouse emissions are cut drastically within the next 10 years. This sounds like an emergency to me!

The solution to the climate crisis is that absolutely everybody needs to act now - to cut greenhouse emissions and to reforest our cities and lands, both as a carbon sink and to save as many species as we can.

Councils play a big role in these actions, and importantly they can help their residents and businesses take action much more quickly. But Council is not going to fix the problem alone - we all need to get active too - especially given the absence of any real action at the Federal level on the climate crisis.

I urge my local council Lake Macquarie City Council to declare a climate emergency, to continue to take strong action to cut emissions and, importantly, to help residents and businesses know how to take urgent action too.

Alec Roberts, Newcastle, Australia
2 years ago
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