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Matte Painters/VFX Artists must be given a salary equal to that of Computer Sc Engineers!

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Well, it has been ages since the Computer Science Engineers (infact all the engineering streams) get huge annual salary! On the other hand, the digital Art wizards, that is, the Digital Matte Painters (who all created unforgettable imagery like the "Pandora" moon in "Avatar" and others) and the Visual Effects (VFX) Artists still don't get that much salary as they deserve, and gets fired by the studio heads, not to mention the 2013 event with Rhythm & Hues Studios, which almost shut its doors, and other studios that has already shut down! I mean, engineering is important, but Arts is not less important! It is now time for us to realize that, the top preference is not only "engineering", but "digital arts/painting" as well! The Hollywood movies get most of its fuel from the post-production VFX artists; if they are not paid an industry standard salary, someone must take a stance! We demand atleast US$ 100,000 (minimum) salary per year, for all the Digital Matte Painters, Compositors and Roto/Paint artists across the globe!

Please, all the digital artists & movie lovers, those who love the digital artworks and admire them, please join in this movement and sign the petition! I encourage the future generation of digital arts students, to help pave the path for your future the way how an engineering students have always got so easily! Now is YOUR turn! Take care & happy painting! With love! <3

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