Addressing the Local Housing Shortfall: Kealia Mauka

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Kauai Realty, Inc.
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When Kaua`i leaders expressed deep concerns about local housing, Kealia Properties responded with the expansion of the Kealia Housing Tract and the development of Kealia Mauka, a residential subdivision whose goal is to address the housing shortfall on Kaua`i by providing lots that local residents can buy. Kealia Mauka will consist of up to 235 lots ranging from 5,600 square feet to 7,300 square feet to accommodate a variety of income levels, options for first-time home buyers, and a percentage of lots below median price.

You can support this important project by signing this petition, which will be submitted to the State Land Use Commission and later to the County of Kauai Planning Department to show that local residents want and need this project to happen. Together let’s address the housing shortfall for Kauai’s people!

For more information about this 21st century ahupua`a, or if you would like to be added to the waiting list to purchase a lot in Kealia Mauka, email Mark K. Tanaka RB at Kauai Realty, Inc. at