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Donate a Blue Wig to Luau's Team Up With Autism Speaks NYC Marathon Run

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I'm the guy in the blue afro above.

Awareness! That is what it is all about. My daughter has autism. I believe in order to make the world a better place for her, I need to raise Autism Awareness. Why? Because I firmly believe that Awareness is the first step toward Understanding which then hopefully leads to compassion and then finally change.

But why Katy Perry's Blue Wig? Because when I first started raising money for Autism Speaks as part of my 2012 New York City Marathon run, I promised potential donors that if they helped me reach my goal of $3,000 by September 15th, a mere 3 weeks after I registered, I would wear a blue Katy Perry wig during the marathon.  Why did I say her wig?  Because BLUE is the color of Autism Awareness and Katy's blue wig is probably the most recognizable wig in the world today!  AND because Katy Perry is both my daughters' favorite recording artist.  It all comes together (in my head anyway).

My hope is that if I can wear one of Ms. Perry's actual wigs, it will draw more attention to my cause and lead more people toward the path of awareness.

So Katy, if you see this, ultimately, I only need one signature...yours! In the meantime, if you are not Katy Perry, I would still love your signature.


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