Tackle Bullying Together - We CAN Unite and BUILD from Brokeness

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Dear Dr. Hindt, Mr. Greg Barrett, Katy ISD School Board, my fellow Katy ISD alumni, Katy ISD parents and everyone who would like to see constructive solutions to bullying,

RE:  The recent Katy ISD School Board meeting where Mr. Greg Barrett relayed a horrific junior high school bullying experience from the 1970's and accused Dr. Lance Hindt of being one of the bullies.

I would like to propose that Dr. Hindt and Mr. Barrett meet together with a group of professionals that have experience with anti-bullying programs and show the students, parents and community that it IS possible to overcome problems and work together to BUILD lives, and change the conversation from destruction of lives to one of reconciling, healing and building.  I would love to see these two lead assemblies together about bullying - think of the POSITIVE impact they could make TOGETHER!!

I come from the upbringing where if you have a problem with someone, you talk to them in private and provide an opportunity to work out problems without humiliating anyone.  If Dr. Hindt was involved in this incident, I hope he makes the opportunity to reconcile; if he was not involved, I still hope he would reach out to Mr. Barrett in compassion, recognizing a horrific event occurred and invite Mr. Barrett to the table of solutions.  And in turn, I challenge Mr. Barrett to come to the table, reconcile and pledge to work together with Dr. Hindt and KatyISD on anti-bullying policies.  I pray the profoundly negative social media wave of character assassination of Dr. Hindt will quiet and the positive work he has done to build strong legacies will be even stronger.

Mr. Barrett invited all of us into the bathroom incident from the 1970's.  As witnesses, are we today going to stand and watch lives continued to be destroyed or are we going to reach out, stand up, stand beside both of these men and pledge to work toward positive solutions?  I stand beside both men for reconciliation and creating a stronger platform for anti-bullying.  Think of the difference they could make TOGETHER!!

Very Respectfully,

Gayle McAteer Pierce

James E. Taylor HS, Class of '83