Install better safety measures in schools

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Friends, Let’s voice out for our kids, I did speak out and now it is your turn.
To whom may concern campus safety:
Again, we are heartbroken by the news of another mass shooting; this time at Santa Fe High School, only 50 miles from where we live and our children go to school. As a parent of a high school student, I cannot concentrate on anything else this Monday morning, nor can I imagine how the parents who lost their children in the mass shooting are suffering. The healing must come from the knowledge that we will do anything and everything we can to keep these tragedies away from our children. We must fight—not only against the now frequent of mass shootings but also for our peace of mind.

People talk about gun control and changing the Constitution, but at this point in time, that is irrelevant. What people talk about does not protect our children. We cannot wait another day to take action and stop the horrible school shootings, so let us start from the things we can do. Doing things such as providing better school security systems, or at least installing metal detectors, are all things that can help against this nationwide issue.

It is well known that Katy ISD has just paid Superintendent Lance Hindt 750k, and everyone knows it wasn't worth wasting it. This same amount of money could have bought almost 200 airport-grade metal detectors, and more than 6000 handheld ones. If we buy them directly from the manufacturer, taking into consideration the installation cost, each one of the more than 60 schools in the district could have 3 airport-grade metal detectors. That 750k could have been used to protect our students, not just pay a childhood bully, who deserved no compensation even a penny