Stop the Name Change Of Woodrow Wilson High School, Camden, New Jersey

Stop the Name Change Of Woodrow Wilson High School, Camden, New Jersey

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Started by Damon Nichols

This Petition is for all the people who are against the Name changing of Woodrow Wilson High School in Camden, N. J. Our City school board moved forward in a renaming process that was very shady and corrupt to the public. A lot of us people such as Alumni, Students, Parents, Teachers, Faculty, and Community are against this renaming process and name change. Regardless of what negative publicity of Woodrow Wilson. Our school name is sentimental to a lot of us. It’s hard to let go. A lot of us never did have any issues with the school name. Never was there any protest or Public out cry over the school name!! Never was any push or reaction(s) from the students over our schools name!! Our school had Woodrow Wilson’s name for 92 years. That’s who we are!! That’s who we represented!!

Woodrow Wilson was our only New Jersey Governor, Representative who became President of the United States!! Woodrow Wilson was the Highest Representative in the State of New Jersey’s History!! Taking Woodrow Wilson’s name off our school building will tarnish all of our school’s History!! There has to be a line drawn at some point!!

The renaming process, No Community Meeting!! No Notice!! No involvement from a mass majority of us Alumni, Students, Teachers, Faculty, and Community members. It was a rushed process that many of us had no idea where and when it was taken place. Some Board members were not even present to vote!! Most people were against this process!!

The selection of names were from the worst pile of names to pick and choose from. Either the people had No ties to the City of Camden, or the State of New Jersey. A lot of left field names, just any name to remove Woodrow Wilson’s name from the building. This doesn’t sit well with a-lot of us. Just not any name is NOT suitable to replace Woodrow Wilson’s!!

Now the selected name for the School is from a 1989 movie “Lean On Me”, in which was filmed in Paterson, N.J. Eastside High School (Ghosts). This name 100 percent belongs in Paterson, NJ, not Camden, NJ. We are solely against this name change!! Keep our Woodrow Wilson Name on the school!! Leave Our Schools name alone!! We Are Forever Woodrow Wilson!!

804 have signed. Let’s get to 1,000!