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CALS students should be exempt from paying fees that fund the Iowa State Daily

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Recently the Iowa State Daily has published 2 opinion-based articles against animal agriculture, neither of which were based off of factual truth. While the right for the freedom of the press is respected, the newspaper has been contacted multiple times by many who want to see more factual-based agriculture related stories published, with no response whatsoever. This is not the first time the Iowa State Daily has published anti-agriculture stories in the magazine, which poorly represents over 1/6th of the student population at this land grant university. Students within the College of Agriculture and Life Sciences (CALS) make up one of the largest and most prestigious colleges on campus, and as do all Iowa State students, $70 of our tuition fees goes towards the Student Government, who funds the Iowa State Daily. While budget records do not show the exact amount paid to the Iowa State Daily from the GSB, it is estimated that 5.6% of their budget is allocated towards the newspaper (approx. $140,000). That being said, CALS students indirectly pay $18,000 a year combined towards the campus newspaper that has written multiple articles against the industry we represent. The CALS student body is tired of paying for a newspaper that goes against our lessons, lectures, and lifestyles. We demand that the Iowa State Daily starts publishing articles on agriculture that are factual-based and unbiased, including those written by students who do not have a journalism or communications background. If they continue to ignore the responses and requests from the CALS student body, then steps will be taken to have the Student Government cut the funding to the Iowa State Daily that represents the portion collected from CALS tuition. CALS students are paying for this newspaper, and it's time that agriculture was better represented within its pages.

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