Katlego Maboe Must be returned to work

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Katlego Maboe should be re instated at work. I do not condone cheating yes he cheated and it's none of my business as much as is none of yours as an employer. As a south african I do not understand how cheating your partner relates with work issues, how do you suspend or fire a person because of cheating? If there is any evidence from the patner(wife) of GBV then this petition will be considered null and void.  What makes this case so special, why did you see the need of suspending Katlego from work? If there is a clause in all the contracts that he signed with you ka cheating then please make it public so that we can understand where the whole issue comes from. In the upsence of any clause or policy that has to do with cheating, then he must go back to work. Why kick a man when he is down, what exactly are you trying to prove? Please man changer dae ding. I urge each and every person in support of Katlego getting his job back to sign this petition please this is uncalled for .