A choice for clean water in the arctic

A choice for clean water in the arctic

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Why this petition matters

Started by Thomassie Mangiok

Clean water is essential and a fundamental human right, we must minimally have access to potable water and a chance to filter it directly from the tank.

It's worth noting that our water delivery workers have been amazing along with our mechanics and sewage truck workers that did the best they can considering challenges caused by an unusual winter; they are our local heroes. 

This winter, we’ve removed dead fish from the water tanks, the water is yellow, our pasta tastes like fish and so do we after a shower. Due to our unfortunate circumstances, we’ve been receiving unfiltered water with small fish.

This petition is a call to give us community members a chance to filter the water that we drink, brush our teeth with, cook with, clean ourselves with and more.

This petition is not a call to blame organizations nor people, it’s call for a solution. With no easy way to procure water filter housings, other equipment, and limited opportunities to have them installed, we’re disadvantaged even if we would like to invest in having access to safe water.

I call to our regional government, municipal housing bureau and to our health board to consider installing the following:

A 3-Stage Home Filtration with filters.
Reasons why this model is chosen:

  • We can install up to three filters, we can choose to use one or all three.
  • We can visually see when the filter should be replaced.
  • There is little water pressure loss.

A Reusable Whole House Spin Down Sediment Water Filter, 50 Micron.
Reasons why this model is chosen:

  • Easily remove sediments without removing filters.
  • Close water flow when removing sediments.

A UV Water Purifier
Reasons why this model is chosen:

  • It will kill microbes harmful to health.

At the very least, the 3-stage home filtration can be installed, and then others could be installed on our own expense. Since the use of these filters would be by choice, we can procure filters at our expense through our local stores, this is good for economy.

I recommend that two lines of pipes are installed so the filters can be bypassed in case of complications in the future.

In summary, this petition is a call to give us a choice to higher quality water that greatly reduce health risks. We as community members can pay for our own replaceable filters every time they need to be changed. The initial purchase and installation should be provided by organizations tasked to providing us water related basic needs.

Sign this petition if you agree.

2,395 have signed. Let’s get to 2,500!