Assumption Cemetery, concerns about safety, crime and continued deterioration.

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The fence was removed from the border of the property and there are no plans to install a new fence.  Lack of a fence provides no barrier between the cars and headstones as well as any guests that visit their loved ones headstones. Should someone lose control of their car, there is no barrier to come between the vehicle and the gravestones. Those sites closest to the road as especially at risk for harm. The absence of a fence allows 24/7 access for people to walk, ride their bikes, motorcycles and ATVs as well as partake in illegal activities. Many gravesites have been vandalized and ornaments and flowers stolen from the plots. There are numerous potholes as well as unstable headstones throughout. Many areas around headstones have depressions and uneven grading which present fall hazards. There are many down tree limbs and branches throughout the property and lawn mowing doesn't occur as often as it used to. Trash receptacles throughout the cemetery are , on busy Holiday occasions, overflowing, resulting in spillage onto the ground below. The overall appearance of Assumption Cemetery pales in comparison to the other cemeteries in the area. 

Please take the opportunity to share why you are signing this petition, your concerns and constructive ideas for improving safety and the quality of Assumption Cemetery.

Lets take the opportunity at this critical juncture to have our voices heard, to work together to come up with a constructive plan to begin addressing these issues.