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NO SALT on POINTE-CLAIRE roads/sidewalks

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To whom it may concern, I have been a Pointe-Claire resident for several years now, and I believe the town of Pointe-Claire should modify the way streets are being salted during the winter. Ideally, the use of salt should be changed to either sand or gravel, as salt is toxic and unhealthy for our animals. If this is not possible, the salt quantities should at least be reduced. The roads and sidewalks are being salted even during the smallest rains and lightest snows. Being a dog owner, it is extremely unpleasant to take my dog for walks outside. Oftentimes, there is so much salt on the streets that it makes it extremely difficult for my dog to walk around during the wintertime. If you were unaware, salt burns and ruins the pads beneath their paws, and if ingested (by grooming themselves) they can get very sick, as it is toxic. My dog as well as many others refuses to wear boots to protect himself from this unsafe substance. Please help bring this serious issue to the mayor’s attention in order to change this law - or to at least minimize the amount of salt that goes down on our sidewalks, for the health of our animals. Thank You.

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