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Killeen Animal Shelter Reform

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When many people are asked what happens to a pet turned into a shelter their response is "they stay there until they get adopted". What most people in the general public don't understand is their animal control is run by local government and politicians and they account for over 2 million deaths annually.

Killeen Animal Shelter took in 11 cats from a fire that firefighters rescued, only to kill them immediately because the owner surrendered them. She lost her home and possessions and did not know where she would be staying so she had no other options at that time. Unfortunately, like many others, she did not know that their policy is that once they get ownership they can do anything they want with that animal. You would think they would have compassion and try to find them homes.

As is well known by the No Kill Equation, a compassionate shelter Director is the most important requirement for a successful animal control for they are required to maintain cordial relationships with rescues and volunteers to keep adoption rates high and keep moving the shelter babies quickly out to make way for the incoming pets. Thereby nullifying the need for shelter killing. A Director who doesn't care for the animals and don't want to ask for help from the community are just content to order the killings of innocents and collect their paycheck.

We have good reason to believe that the current management of KAS is failing to carry out the basic needs pertaining to animal welfare and killing as a convenience.

Given the issues at hand, we feel that KAS is in dire need of shelter reform, which requires:

New leadership
Transparency and accountibility~Taxpayers have a right to full and complete disclosure about how animal shelters operate.
Adhering to a model of acceptable animal care and employee safety
Legislation to require shelters to operate humanely
Ensure that all animal control officers are properly trained in state guidelines for the care and capture of animals.
Have a page on social media to help getting these animals adopted.
Socialization and exercise

Detailed Information:

Over the course of several years and a compilation of hands on experiences in and around the KAS several things have become apparent to us and we deem worthy of this petition.

1. Inadequate staffing: There are no staff members whose job duties include socialization, walks or proper exercise.
2. Inadequate medical care: There seems to be only one member on staff dedicated to medical care and she has questionable training or qualifications in vet care. Injuries and illness often go unnoticed and unattended unless severe and extremely visible. People note injuries unattended to and volunteers witness reports of illness gone unanswered or improperly addressed. I was at the shelter to pick up a momma and kittens that was just born. She was giving birth in the litter box and everyone, including the vet tech, seemed to be OK with that because they did not remove the litter box. Yes, they knew that she was giving birth because they called me.
3. Inadequate socialization and exercise.
4. Unclear guidelines and changing expectations for volunteers.
5.Unclear guidelines, requirements, procedures and/or policy regarding a foster care program.
6. Social media and promotion of shelter animals. A volunteer started one once and they shut it down.
7. Unethical owner surrender procedures.

We are demanding that changes start to take place immediately, and we will no longer stand for less than minimum standards of care. We demand to see laws implemented, enforced, and if that cannot be done with the current staff, then new staff needs to be found that can.

We need compassionate people to run the shelter that have an interest in all of the animals that enter, along with knowledge of animal behavior. If we truly love and care about animals and their well being, we will find ways to keep them safe, comfortable, and happy until they move onto their forever homes.

We are asking the general public to show their support for proper shelter reform of KAS by signing this petition today.

Thank you for your time and consideration. We look forward to your thoughtful consideration and action regarding this important matter of animal welfare.

Lastly, if you or someone you know has related information please email

Please sign this petition to help these animals! By taking these steps, fewer pets will be put down and more will find loving homes.

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