Demand That Kathy Goss Resign From The Salem-Keizer School Board

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Kathy Goss currently represents Zone 1 on the Salem-Keizer School Board. At a May 26, 2020 Salem-Keizer Schools Budget Committee meeting Kathy Goss, in a shameful attempt to argue that the District should not pay for a summer lunch program to feed low-income students, suggested that since she cannot currently afford to buy a new red Mercedes convertible that low-income students should not be provided meals by the District.

“We make it too easy for some parents” Kathy Goss stated during the virtual meeting, claiming that parents expect the District to feed their children and that she doesn’t “think that we have the money to do that.”

Goss indicated that the District needs to approach the summer lunch program for low-income children from a “consumer view.” Many meeting participants’ facial expressions while Kathy Goss was talking showed clear disgust at Goss’ comments, and rightfully so.

You can see the video footage in question, as well as other information about Kathy Goss, at the following link:

Kathy Goss needs to resign immediately. Her comments about the summer lunch program clearly demonstrate that she does not have students’ well-being in mind, especially students that come from low-income backgrounds. The Students of Salem-Keizer deserve better. Please sign and share this petition to let Kathy Goss know that it’s time for her to go!