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Stop Sexual Assault by Driving Instructors

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Obtaining a driver's licence is a right of passage for many citizens, many of whom start the process as young as 16 years of age. Driving School is a common step in this process, allowing drivers to understand how to safely operate a vehicle on the road and also obtain discounts on their insurance rates. 

Student drivers as young as 16 are being placed into a car with a complete stranger, and unfortunately, some instructors are using this situation to their advantage by making unwanted sexual comments and advances to students. This happened to me 10 years ago, where my instructor made multiple sexual jokes and advances toward me. Upon filing a complaint, nothing happened; the instructor denied that he said any of it, but was mysteriously let go about a month later for an "unrelated issue".

Last night, my sister was instructed to enter an empty parking lot to "practice backing into spaces", which wasn't possible since it was dark out and the lot had snow covering the lines. Her instructor then asked her to massage him since his neck was sore, and when she declined, he proceeded to touch her hand, starting to massage her and worked his way up to her shoulders. Frozen, my sister had no idea what to do or say - they were in an empty parking lot in the dark. 

When she called a sexual assault line for advice, the worker informed her a very similar situation happened to her 30 years ago while in driving school. This is very clearly an ongoing issue, and we need to band together to demand a change.

All driving schools should require both a camera inside the car, along with with voice recording. Similar to Police body cams, it will get rid of the "he said, she said" when women and men are brave enough to report inappropriate treatment from their instructor, and hopefully will prevent it from happening in the first place.

Please sign & share this petition so we can bring some safety into this industry. No one should be placed in a situation like this, and no one should have to fight for their story to be believed. 

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