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Reduce more garbage litter. Expand more recycling programs to reduce number of landfills.

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Ever since the beginning of the 21st century, we (New York City residents) are living in the time where there is a lot of litter are scattered all over the place on New York City streets and sidewalks. When there is a lot of litter scattered all over the place, it makes ourselves unsatisfied with the unclean setting we are living in because it attracts unwanted pests such as rats, mice, raccoons, and etc into digging into disposed garbage to feed. For instance, every weekday I walked in Flushing to school since 10th grade, it was very unsanitary with a lot of litter such as cigarette buttes everywhere on the streets and sidewalks where I saw rats crawling all over the place. Because I saw this, it made me view there was a lack of effort into keeping New York City districts cleaned by our New York City government.

Not only do we have to deal with all the litter, but we have to deal with where we're putting the garbage disposal at, which are landfills. Landfills take up too much of the space in New York City because it prevents future constructions of new buildings and also household living in that area. Most of the garbage disposal is being put in Staten Island and it is affecting how much room Department of Sanitation is taking to make a landfill because it takes millions of years for all that 5.5 million tons of garbage disposal to break up completely to be composted in the soil, which is a big issue for New York City. Rarely, Department of Sanitation doesn't usually recycling because only 25% of the garbage is actually recycled out of 5.5 million tons of garbage disposal. 

 As of that, I am a strong supporter of this controversial issue and I would like to take an extreme initiative into fighting for all the New York City residents to be suitable in a cleaner setting in New York City by having less garbage litter on sidewalks and streets and reduce the number of garbage disposal. Not only that, I want to rely frequently by recycling more renewable resources so humanity doesn't have to wait millions of years for all that garbage disposal to break down or decompose. Our New York City government should be aware of this issue instead of disregarding our voice of what we see is the major problem of our community. To win this, we need #five hundred individual supporters standing with us to demand that DSNY to take extreme initiative of this garbage litter issue. Will you join us?


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