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Oppose Homeless project near schools

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A 169-unit housing is on its way to replace the Golden Motel on 6343- 6359 Rosemead Blvd (across from Valu-Mart). 109 units for the formerly homeless individuals and the rest units for veterans including 6 units dedicated to dishonorably discharged veterans. Multiple Public and Private schools that serve over 5,000 students within 1 mile of walking distance from Golden Motel. Hundreds of children walk through the intersection of Longden Avenue and Rosemead Blvd daily to schools. We are not opposed to homeless individuals or veterans, we are however opposed to housing that is detrimental to student and neighborhood safety. We would prefer an appropriate housing development that is better and safer for our neighborhood. According to a previous news report, there was a 410% of increase in emergency calls after a homeless housing building opens in a city.  The proposed location has no big medical institute near.  Mercy Housing earned the lowest rating among similar charitable organizations, worst property management score by residents and former employees. Mercy Housing's homeless project in El Monte was successful, but they have 40 units for veterans and it did not impact the area much.  In order to help 169 homeless families, giving up the safety of more than ten thousand students is not reasonable.  We strongly urge Mercy Housing to look for another suitable location that does not have a lot of schools around to help these homeless people.

Please sign our petition to make your voices heard by the County officers.

it is imperative that you send emails to the following 2 people to show your opposition to this project.
Subject of email: WE OPPOSE Project # 2016-000612-(5)
Tell them in your email why you oppose this project.
If you have 5 members in your family, tell them you have 5 people opposed this project. If you know an elderly family that does not use email, help them and send emails on their behalf.
They will count every single email they receive! This will play a big part in the decision on whether or not the county board will approve Mercy Housing's permit request.
If we are victorious on June 21st (when the decision will be made), this project will be stopped Dead-in-its-tracks.
Share with everyone that can help with emailing them.

--A hearing will be held on June 21, 2017 at 9:00 am at 320 W. Temple St. Room 150.

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