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My cousin, 15 year old, Kathlynn Shepard, was abducted and murdered by a registered sex offender who was released from prison 18 years early of his 41 year sentence, due to the Earned Time Law. Had Michael Klunder, a repeat offender, served his entire sentence, our family would not be suffering today. 

Letter to
Iowa State House
Iowa State Senate
Iowa Governor
On behalf of our family, we are petitioning for mandatory sentencing for 1st time offenders, no earned time for sex offenders, stricter parole guidelines and the inability to plea bargain for lesser offense. (Note: Klunder had been charged on 2 different offenses and was able to plea down to 3rd degree kidnapping and attempted sexual assault. If he was unable to plea bargain he would have been sentenced to life in prison.)

Please consider our request for Kathlynns Law for the sake of our children and families.

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