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Terminate the Ban on Pit Bulls in Ontario

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For over 10 years, Ontario has had a breed specific ban against Pit Bulls; this includes Pit Bull Terriers, Staffordshire bull terrier, American Staffordshire terrier, American Pit Bull terrier, and any dog that has an appearance and physical characteristics substantially similar to any of those dogs. The ban was placed due to the overwhelming number of dog bits in those years. Although bites did go down in the few years after the ban was in place, the number of bites started to gradually go up from 2012-2014 even though the number of Pit Bulls are going down. As we stand in 2017, the ban still hasn't been lifted.

I have decided to start this petition because I believe that this breed specific ban is unfair to the dogs affected. The problem isn't the breed itself, although the Pit Bull gets a bad rep, any good owner of the breed would tell you that they are the sweetest, friendliest dogs you'll ever meet. The real problem is the owners themselves. If the owner teaches and trains the dog to attack and be violent or abuse the dog, then that is where the danger comes from. You can make any dog turn bad if you train it to, but since these dogs are bred to be so strong, they fall victim to abuse more often than not. This breed is not a normally "violent" breed, but because of their history and build, they are one of the most mistreated. 

In short, I feel like the breed specific ban is nothing but discrimination against these loving dogs. Due to abuse by their owners, they may become violent towards other people, but that is not because of their breed. In my opinion, the ban should be lifted and pit bulls should be allowed back into households across the province. My solution to the problem would be to do a background check on the owner and not allow people with a history of violence to have dogs of such strength, and that's not only including the Pit Bull but other big dogs as well. The ban itself has been proven not to work ( ) and now it's basically breed discrimination.

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