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Tenants want safety ,security in housing .we have rights to a secure homes too

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January 18 2018 someone shot my apartment  building maybe a automatic gun. 18 bullet casings left on street  damage on buildings . A tenant was walking his dog had to hide behind a car .Someone could have been killed   Possibly  a warning to someone in building . I have had worst few months with bad tenants. This summer there crack parties. 3 apartments have tenants on drugs or excessive alcohol.  We are told these people, high risk need homes. In morning at 9 am  group of tenants were falling down drunk not able to walk. They are drunk all time , not able to walk ,peeing, crapping in and out of building. They try to get into other tenant apt thinking its theirs.   One tenant left their apartment open and people were coming in off the street. Police arrested a man wanted on a warrant. Tenants fight each other, pass out in lobby. A large glass pane was broken. It goes on and on. The police are here alot.  There is not enough security staff. No cameras outside. Ottawa Housing does not have prevention tools. 

Why do other good tenants have to put up with dysfunctional tenants. These people  cause havoc in my life. I have right to safe, secure home. Most of tenants are working hard, want a nice safe home. Housing is not allowed to screen , check out tenants.  These tenants have booze and drug issues, some records and do not know how to behave. I want better selection, screening, checks on people.  The laws and rules apply to all tenants. I am sick of Ottawa Housing making excuses for dysfunctional tenants. These tenants need rehabilitation,  supervision and accountability.  I want more safety security laws in all housing.  .These tenants are not suitable for unsupervised apartments  


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