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Stop The Use Of "Roundup" Pesticides In Forest Ecosystems

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Pesticides are toxic substances that are intentionally released into the environment to kill living things. This includes substances that kill weeds (herbicides), insects (insecticides), fungus (fungicides), rodents (rodenticides), and others.

Pesticides are used anywhere and everywhere in between from the can of bug spray under the kitchen sink to the airplane crop dusting acres of farmland, and it’s becoming common practice to do so; homes, parks, forests, schools, roads, etc. The harmful effects of pesticides are always looked at with no concern, as people don't see that with the mild overuse of these chemicals, it can lead to large scale issues like the loss of biodiversity. Pesticides are not only ruining the biodiversity but also affecting different species (including humans) negatively in terms of health.  

Recently, herbicides especially have been taking a toll on keystone species in our ecosystem. A certain herbicide called glyphosate which When this chemical is increased in concentration is called “Roundup” is being used to kill broadleaf plants, grass, and sedges. “Roundup” has become popular for leaving chemicals to persist in the air and on animals around the plants, in the ecosystem. When farmers use large amounts of glyphosate or “Roundup” the chemical is then released into the air, causing the animals that come near that area to breathe it in and consume the chemical. When they consume the herbicide, animals begin to drool, vomit, and develop diarrhea. If this continues, it can eventually lead to long-term negative effects such as nerve damage, anorexia which can lead to death, etc. Those facts are just an overview of the main problem, the loss of biodiversity.

Researchers in Europe have discovered that high amounts of a herbicide called neonicotinoids within the soil can spark the loss of a certain species of earthworms.

Earthworms are a species that other animals in the ecosystem depend on. If there is a loss of this species it can affect the soil quality and the amount of food other animals have to survive off of.

Did you know humans can also be negatively affected by pesticides? Humans that come in contact with Roundup can are at risk of different health problems including cancer, liver disease, birth defects etc. Pesticides may not seem like they are harming people but in the long run, they can destroy someone's health.

Banning all pesticides completely would be impossible but by Banning Roundup and using other less harmful alternatives would be an option. A new alternative for Roundup was found called 2-Phenethyl Propionate This chemical is a natural substance that is made out of oils from other plants such as peppermint, guava, peanuts, eucalyptus, and create this chemical compound when mixed together Using this pesticide is just one of the many things you can do to stop this terrible problem. There are many other ways including:

  • Making your own natural pesticides to use on weeds
  • Manually pulling out weeds
  • Try using different products that are less harmful to the environment.

By making these changes you can minimize that horrendous effects of pesticides.


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