Stop the ridiculous license plate sticker gouging in Ontario!

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License plate stickers were a pointless way to gouge Ontario drivers when they first began and have been increasingly gouging ever since. Now, in 2018 , they are raising prices yet again to $124/yr! This sticker is proof you have renewed your license plate and in some cases, that your vehicle has successfully passed an emissions test. 

This ever growing gouge to Ontario citizens needs to STOP. We are already responsible for purchasing the plates, paying for safety check, paying for emissions test, paying for  license and extremely high insurance rates and to top it off.. we have to PAY for a sticker that says we PAID for all the rest of it?

Stickers do absolutely nothing-and Ontario citizens have tolerated enough of our premier' s gouging on HYDRO, FUEL PRICES and more- now she increases sticker costs again! Enough is enough! 

To top it off they are putting blinders on everyone by ridding the emissions test fee as a bandaid solution. 

In 2011 sticker prices were $74. Now increasing to $124. A $50 increase. So how FREE is your emissions test?

Bring license plate renewal stickers back to a fair price of $40 and freeze it- or better yet rid Ontario of them all together!

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