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Stop the new sex-ed curriculum from entering public & catholic K-12 schools this September 2015 school year and rewrite the sex-ed curriculum without Benjamin Levin's influence!

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The minds of innocent children are too precious for their brains to be corrupted with this volatile new sex-ed curriculum. If we want a change to be made to this outrageous new sex-ed curriculum we as family caregivers of children have got to stick together & stand up together to our Ontario's Premier. Six points following as to why this new sex-ed curriculum should not be put into the K-12 schools across Ontario in September 2015 and why the new sex-ed curriculum should be rewritten. #1: "The Both/And curriculum is a document that aims to teach children beginning in kindergarten that they aren’t necessarily one gender or another, but rather they could by any single gender or a mixture of genders. The goal of this curriculum is to have children question their gender starting in kindergarten." [EX: a person born a boy is not necessarily a boy and vice vera for a person born in a girls body.] Because I'm bringing my child up with the teaching the s/he's the gender her/his body was created in before birth. Scroll down to "The Both/And Curriculum" #2: Teaching children at the age of six in Grade one "sexual consent". "'Sandals also defended the government’s intention to include “informed consent” in the curriculum, but pro-family groups are raising alarms over the legality of teaching underage children about consenting to sexual relations...Landolt points out that “aiding and abetting” in a criminal act is itself an offense under Canada’s Criminal Code. The legal age of consent in Ontario is 16, and instructing children about consenting to sexual activity “presupposes sexual relations,” she said. This could put teachers in the position of aiding and abetting minors in consenting to sexual activity.'" #3: Teaching children in grade three that you can be a boy regardless of if you were born a girl and vice versa for a girl - the theory of a mental illness called Gender Dysphoria also known as Gender Identity Disorder also known as transsexualism also known as transgender. [Goes back to what I said in the first point.] #4 Teaching children dating in grade four - "liking" another peer as "more then just friends". I will teach my child to know everything s/he wants to know about dating when s/he comes to me (including teaching her/him about consent). #5 Teaching children in grade seven about anal sex if the sex-ed cirriculum is going to withhold the info that anal sex is the highest way to sexually contract the HIV. "'In fact, Kathleen Wynne's Sex Ed curriculum leaves 12 and 13 year olds with a distinct impression that "communicating clearly with each other when making decisions" is all that's required for this activity to be "responsible and safe".'" #6 Why I don't want this sex-ed curriculum to be taught to our children and would prefer for the one coming out in September 2015 that was written under Benjamin Levin to be burned and for a new sex-ed curriculum to be written is because Levin was found guilty of being involved with the making and distributing of child pornography, Benjamin Levin. "'...IT'S IMPORTANT TO CONSIDER THE FACT THAT THIS CURRICULUM WAS ALSO WRITTEN UNDER THE DIRECTION OF AN ALLEGED CHILD PORNOGRAPHER, MR. BENJAMIN LEVIN. He was the Deputy Education Minister at the time, serving under then Education Minister Kathleen Wynne. LEVIN WAS CHARGED BY POLICE WITH 7 COUNTS OF MAKING and distributing child pornography.'" []. Taken from that Toronto Star website page is the following info. "'Clayton Ruby, who appeared in court on behalf of his client Friday, said Levin “will be making a guilty plea,” but would not stipulate on which of the child-exploitation offences, which included accessing, possessing, writing and distributing child pornography, counselling someone to commit sexual assault, and making an arrangement with a police officer to commit sexual assault. Levin, born in 1952, is to appear at a scheduled hearing at the Finch Ave. courthouse March 3 and again later in the month for a sentencing hearing. Ruby also confirmed “there will not be a trial.”'" [ ] That webpage is dated January 17 of 2015. "'...Attached is a memo from Ben Levin stating that this curriculum is "a priority for our Minister of Education Kathleen Wynne and me.'"

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