Stop Kathleen Wynne Picking on Small Businesses

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Hello everybody.

Here in Ontario, minimum wage has gone up from $11.60 to $14 per hour in a single day, January 1st. By raising the wage, many minimum wage workers get moved into the next tax bracket, which is already hurting the workers of low paying jobs. 

This wage increase does not benefit minimum wage workers, middle class, or small businesses. All it does is motivate companies to cut costs, or raise prices. By raising prices, everyone's buying power is reduced. 

Currently, Kathleen Wynne is abusing her position to bully small businesses and shame them for reducing benefits for the workers they hire. We're tired of hearing her pick on small business owners and franchisees for cutting costs to cover yet another one of her publicity stunt mistakes in an attempt to bait people into voting for her.

The goal of this petition is to bring awareness to the side of the conflict not heard, the small businesses, middle class, and minimum wage workers. We believe that businesses should be allowed to cut back costs within their legally permitted limits freely without bullying from Kathleen Wynne, or anyone else. 

The goal of this isn't to denounce the importance of employee benefits, but to highlight the failings of our Premier and that it is not the way we Canadians want to be seen, or want from our politicians. Employees and employers have rights that are important to protect. We as Canadians need to speak up for what we believe in. 

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